New A60 pic

check it out, got new wheelset for 500 and 150 for thee 403/404 bridgestone. Brand new A60 with powdercoated 08 hubs laced and trued by a pro.



and a new 2007



do you like those bridgestone 404's?

I'm a average rider who could probably use just about anything. But last November, I put a 404 on the back of my yz250 and rode it for about 20 miles. I had no traction on anything except hard pack stuff. Its the stiffest tire I've seen.

After 20 miles or so, I had to park the yz and ride my other bike. I had to then throw that tire away.

$500 is a deal for a60s and spline drives!

Wow! Very nice set-up.

404 are sweet at my local track(club moto)its like glue, i ride mainly carnagie which is tacky at time but can be very slippery hardpack and i thought the tire does well there. Thanks for the comments!

You powder coated your hubs silver?

tooo be honest i have no clue what it is, it looks good to me!

aaahhhh, looks like a dull polish. Kind of how my 03 hubs looked when I broke out the scotch pad and aluminum polish. It was a whole lot easier to clean them! Dirt stopped sticking.

That looks really clean! I have a set of black a60's on order along with some hubs getting powder coated blue. Im also probably going to do blue nipples and possibly black spokes if i can find them.

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