jaileng / gongyu ct 70 help!

hi, i have a beautifull 1970 hnda ct 70 with a beautifull brand new jaileng 140 cc 10-1 compression, cam, carb. and before i even broke the motor in the drive shaft / kick ideler shaft broke upon me kick starting it, now i pulled the cover off and it just snapped nice and clean and looks like it was a defect but with the ten to one compressin you know tere was allot of force one it, so question number one, where can i order jaileng parts from?? does anyone have an extra one? id like to hear anyones thoughts and opnions on jaileng/gongyu motors/ expirences. and does anyone think jaileng would send me a free one??prob not..umm quality of jaileng vs liffan?? oh ya and does anyne know if i can get a stronger one possibly, maybe custom from a shop or is anyone already makeing them?? also would love to see any one ct 70 or old honda pics gotta love the clasics

I cant help you with the Kick shaft although I was wondering if that engine came with all of the electronics. I got one that keeps popping but just can't get it started.

IMO Lifan is the better unit.

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