Motor Work, Who is good?

Need to have the crank replaced in my 08 WR 250. Who would you guys recommend? I just need the crank halfs replaced using my Rod and bearings.


Hopefully someone will recommend a local shop. If not.....this place is awesome...

Vince is very knowledgeable, and their turn-around is unbelievable. I had him do my CR crank. He had a Pro X rod in stock. He sent me an e-mail at 9:30am to let me know that my crank was there..........then one at 5:21pm to let me know that it was finished/packaged. I paid $164.99 for the rod-kit, pressing/truing the crank, small end bearing, shipping OTD. I'm sure that your cost would be substantially less.

george ships all over the country. put it in a cooler for shipping. :lol:

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