ktm suspension settings for a fat lad

hi there. i just got a bike again after years on a quad. only prob is im not 14 any more and im alot heaver. the bike is a 07 ktm sxf 250. i will be setting up the sag and stuff when i have the bike all fixed up. but dont have a clue about setting damping preload or rebound. any help would be nice. thanks:worthy:

Exactly how fat is "fat"? lol!

We need some numbers to start with!

15 stone:busted:

15 stone:busted:

Like Stonehenge or bigger stones? :worthy::lol:

210 lbs

I'm roughly the same weight, and I just replaced the springs on my 07 250XCW. I just went up one step in the stiffness, and bumped up the rebound damping two clicks, and it seems to be the ticket.

I haven't had a chance to put it through it's paces in tight woods, but I don't bottom the front forks anymore....

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