where'd my oil go?!?!

this entire motor prolly has 7 hours on it. the first time i put gear oil in it to break it in it probably had an hour on it and the oil already looked like it was 5 rides old. the only thing i could think of is maybe its coming off the clutch because the past owner didnt take care of the bike. but even when i drained it, it didnt look like the entire amount that i put in it.

well i put 2 rides on it this time and i went to change the gear oil again and once again the oil looks really nasty but i barely got a quarter of a quart of oil out of it.

theres no signs of leaks, everything is torqued. so where the **** did the oil go? i tried tilting it and didnt get really much more out of it but a little tiny dribble of oil. any suggestions? its a 98cr250 with hot rods crank, wiseco piston, etc...

A good possibility would be the internal crank seal between the crankcase and the gearcase. I hear that if that seal is bad the engine will suck oil through there and burn it like premix. Does the bike seem to smoke excessively?

The oil fairy took it. LOL Trany side crank seal.

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