high altitude ktm 525exc jd jet kit instructions

i just bought a used 2005 525exc. it looks like it might have a paint faded JD blue needle in it. the current set up is:

175 main

42 pilot

JD blue 4th {maybe}

stock pipe

1- does any one know the jetting suggestions that come with the 525 JD jet kit?

2- are the RED and BLUE needles in a jd kit the same for all FCR carbs/bikes? ie, is the red needle from a wr450 the same as the red needle im missing?

3- is there a 525 jetting data base? (like the drz one)

i need a good high altitude base setting. 4000-8000ft 15c(60f)to 25c (80f)

thanx for any help


Set up for that bike was 42 pilot, 172 main, blue needle for low elevation red for high. Odds are abt 90% that the yamaha needle is the same but I can not confirm it. I do no he makes a different needle taper for Honda with the same basic carb so they are not all the same

can you please post the high alt jd info...

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