WR silencer on a yz ??

Will a 2001 WR426 stock silencer fit on my 99 yz400. I found one pretty cheap. I need something to pass a sound test at select events. I figure that with a insert may be the ticket.

I doubt that my fmf megamax II will pass. And If I remove enough disks to make it pass it probably wont run. I need to hit 94db.

It should bolt right up. You will probably need a shorter bolt for the rear hanger mount.

Let me know if you need one,I have a

WR426 stock Exhaust (pristeen)for sale.


Your right about the shorter hanger bolt. And yes it was a direct bolt up, at least for my 98 it was.

THanks guys.

Rattler, check your PM.

Im thinking either a vortip or maybe that new yamaha insert that Ive been hearin about for like $40.

A buddy said that his yz250 with a wr silencer and a vortip pased at 89db. My 400 should squeek under the 94db with that setup.

How many discs are you running in your mega max ?

I just went out and counted them. Looks like 11 disks.

I just got a rough copy of the DNR testing procedures. Im thinking of getting a DB Meter from Radio shack. They have an analogue one for $35 and a digital one for $49. Might get me in the ballpark anyways. I figure it wont be as acurate as the dnr's tests but it will give me an idea of were I need to be.

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