i will never buy from e-line again

i bought a e-line clutch cover and it arived today. it looks horable. The fit is way off, i mean this thing looks like it was made by a 5 year old. One of the bolt holes is not even there. It looks like it has been on a bike for at least 1 year and i just opened the package. I just thought that i would share my troubles and see if anyone else has had this problem with the company and its products. IMG_cluchcover.jpg


return it

Yikes, I have heard bad things about their stators too. I would return it and see what they send you back.

my understanding is they outsourced to china a few years ago, so ***em

I actually laughed when I saw the pics- sorry! That is VERY sad! Send it back and demand a FULL refund!

sorry u have to go throgh with that kind of crap atleast i know who not to buy from that thing looks so junky

thats some poop

please keep us updated

i bought it through rockymountian atv and as soon as i opened the box i called them and expresed my feelings about the quality of this product. i was very nice and polite as its not rockymoutain's product they are just selling it. the person on the phone was great he appoligised, was polite and said that they would send me a packing slip so i could return the product and not pay shipping and they would give me a full refund. I will start taking my bisness their as much as possable they were great and very helpfull.

Im sure it was not cheap either..??

E-line used to produce great products....sadly no more I see.

it was on sail for $30 down from $100, this might just be one part and might just be my luck i was just wanting to share my experience and see if its the company or just me.

i mean this thing looks like it was made by a 5 year old.

It probably was. And that little Chinese kid probably got paid 23 cents for making it. :lol:

Seriously though, at least it was a problem you could see rather than something catastrophic later. You should contact e-line and tell them how you feel. They may appreciate it and hook you up with something that wasn't made in China.

I have an ELine carbon fiber head pipe guard and carbon fiber skid plate on my CRF. I bought both in '06 and they're both very good parts that have stood up to plenty of abuse. Could be that mine were made before the outsourcing change occurred.

My moose racing (e-line) carbon fiber skid is fitting like a blind man made it... Holes are way off, poor fitting hardware. For the price, you would think they would qc before it left the manufacturing floor.

I just recently purchased my 3rd pipe guard from them and it seemed to look and fit pretty good but not as good as the one from 04 and I dont think anybody else makes a pipe guard for the Dr. D pipes.

I have always had good luck with their customer service and actually just had the send me 2 extra hose clamps as one broke when I was readjusting the pipe guard.

my understanding is they outsourced to china a few years ago, so ***em

P3 used to make their carbon products for them now they outsource it to China. P3 has excellent carbon parts and the owner offers great service. I have their skid plate and pipe guard on my 530exc and could not be happier. They take a beating too and barely a scratch:thumbsup: e-line made a bad move not sticking with P3. You get what you pay for!


no wonder it was on sale...

i bet they wont take it back either, most companies pull that all sales final on sale items stuff

thats just horrible looking tho, its basically worthless to you

I think you should get your facts straight before you go bashing any company on line. Did you ever contact the shop where you bought it? From the sounds of it no. Did you ever contact E-line? No. The shop that you bought it from should stand behined what they are selling even if it's on sale. On the other side if in fact E-Line screwed up on the molding of the cover I'm sure Kevin will stand behined any product that has his name on it.I have used E-line products for long time with great results. Yes it's true P3 used to make all the carbon fiber products for E-Line and now it's being made over seas same as all the KTM hard parts carbon parts.

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