125 2t for hardcore trail riding

I gots me a small problem, my drz that i have been using for the gnarlyier rides (water crossings, mud, rocky....) is out of comission for now, and Im wanting to go on some organized rides all thats left in the stable is my RM125 play bike, i was curious as to how well it will handle deep water and large amounts of mud??? I know its not a very good choice but its either RM or no riding:foul: is it capable of surviving? Besides poor fuel mileage and a noise issue?

I ride my rm125 trail riding all the time. Even in deep mud it did fine. Here is about the most amount of mud I have tried to make it go through yet.




i'm yet to hit any mud like the last guy with my rm125, but I'm sure it would do pretty good. With a two stroke + mud its all about momentum and you'll do just fine.

I raced YZ125's in eastern enduro's for 10+ years @ 190lbs + body weight.

Keep it in the meat of the power, clutch the livin cr@p out of it, and hang on:thumbsup: :lol:

125's are a whole different kind of fun in the trails......but, you need to stay agressive on it.

FWIW I was a class "A" rider and rode deep mud, sand, (NJ) ruts, rocks (PA) smily rocks, roots, uphills, downhills..........

be careful........you may never ride that DRZ off-road again:lol: :worthy:

You will need to adapt, because you will lose a ton of low end torque and rideability, but you will gain it back in agility. For non power-robbing instances, I.E steep hills, the RM will potentially let you go faster. I would rather ride an RM125 on fast trails than a DRZ anyday, and I weigh 200.

I love my 125 in the woods. When it gets real ugly,like a fallen tree,big rocks or a compete trail blow out.I'm always glad i'm on the 125 comparred to my 650r.

More work---more fun!! I got a mint '04 RM 125 last year. I'm 38 and have been on a variety of scooters. Havn't ridden anything for about ten years. It was love at first ride!! I've only been riding a long stretch near my house called Green Mountain. Lots of rocks! Seems to make a rider really use all skills to keep her screaming the way she likes. Fuel capasity is my biggest issue. I liken it to having a mountain bike with an engine!!

Just a warning 125 + Mud + Hill = hell of a challenge.

My CR125 has held up to things I honestly thought it wouldn't. Hard-core mud in spring on the most heavily traveled and worst maintained trails you can find in PA. Like someone above posted, its all about keeping your momentum...even then, if you have good clutch control and practice with it, it will take you anywhere any other bike can.

125's are fine for trail riding and a spinning rear wheel throws the mud off and actually improves traction:thumbsup:

i actually just picked up a 1998 kx125 for $900 im planning on restoring it and racing hare scrambles. From what i've heard 125's are the best machines for woods riding.

i rode one last month for the first time since 1987 and crap i really miss it, you can just pin it everywhere and the screaming bumble bee sound is so cool. i want one.

I used to ride a very nice 01 yz125, fmf sst pipe, steering stabilizer, flywheel weight, etc. The bike was a blast to ride in the woods and you can ride it fast. The flickable weight was great. And with the mods you could lug it quite alot before she would stall. Its all about bike set up in the woods.

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