What is this?


2001 cr250r

i was just checking my bike over and i saw that the bolt that goes though here was lose. (spun it out with my fingers) and its snug now but it doesnt sit flush, theres a .15" gap still. any idea what it is?

the bolt actaully seems like some kind of 'check bolt' because he bottom of it has no threads, as if it were to check something.

thanks, doug

its supposed to hold some parts of the exhaust valve in place i think, tightening torque 16Nm


copied from the manual when assembling the composite racing valve;

"Align the composite racing valve (CRV) stopper bolt with the right sub-exhaust valve groove, then tighten the stopper bolt to the spcified torque.

TORQUE: 16 N-m (1.6kgf.m, 12 lbf+ft)

But since its been loose for a while while running the engine i would check the valve for damage.

bump for more $.02

What Mangyver said is what I would go with as well. Check for damage, that bolt is apart of the exhaust valve assembly to hold things together. If nothing is damaged, just torque it down and keep an eye on it.

If it continues to loosen back up, try using some locktite on it. (The non-perm one)

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