Building a motor

I have a extra YZ426 motor for my bike, the head is all ready ported and and will be running a 444BB, 13.1 piston and maybe a Stroker cranks. My question is, Can you actualy use the extra power and torque in Supermoto VS motocross? Seeing how 90% of the race is on tar?


the rear tire hooks up better, so it's easier to use the power

with out a doubt.

ok, Well here is another question, I'm a decent rider. Not sure what classes they would have in SM but I race Novice in motocross. Should I worrie about building up my other motor for SM or not worrie about it untell I hit expert or pro class?

have fun.

then worry about mods if you get serious.

I don't know about your local club(s), if any, but in STTARS the beginner, novice, and intermediate classes were open displacement.............and you'll need every bit. You'll be riding against anything able to get on the track.

Of course, there are people in those classes w/ stock 250Fs too (that can go pretty fast). My YZ250 2T would run w/ and/or pass anything up to a 450 4t, but I ended up boring and stroking it to run w/ the big Euro-bikes and heavily modded 450s.

I should also add that my KTM 525 totally stock wasn't really any faster than the YZ(300), just easier to ride. The 2T could be better relied upon for passing as long as I could keep the slick from spinning.

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