Powdercoat? Clear coat? or polish? **PICS**

Powdercoated mine a semi gloss black - turned out real nice I think. With your color scheme, I think a black frame would look really good as well.


Wow that bike is perfect:worthy: . How much did you pay for the powdercoat? I've been messing around on photoshop with my bike lately and Black rims and frame may be in my near future.

polish it then have it clear powder coated.

about $200, but hawaii is more expensive than what you could get it done for there i'm sure.

btw, a powdercoated frame is not high maintenence, just the opposite - just wash and dry off like anything else on the bike

I remember drooling over that frame when I first joined this forum. Extremely nice work man it looks great. How does it look now? Does that bike see a lot of dirt?

I dont have it anymore. I sold it to a friend. It doesn't look like it did then, however he really didn't like the polished look. i will polish it like that on my 2010 when I get it, then anodize it black.

what process did you use to get that YZF frame so nice?

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