Just bought a wr450

Well hello yamaha people,

well i just made the swap from kawasaki to yamaha. This WR is insane so far. havent done anything to it as far a free mods and i am impressed allready. now for the problems. I have a bad off idle bog, and it seems to be clicking in the engine. I havent finished the break in yet so i was just wondering if this fixes it self or is there something i need to do right now about it. thank you all and yes the lack of caps are on purpose. im lazy haha



ok i have done some research and this bike is way out of my knowledge range. im use to tweaking my klx 300. Im going to pull my hair out with this carb i see. know i know why i never upgraded to a pumper carb. Help!!! Anybody around knoxville tennesse that can lend me some help. I want this bike to purrr

Here is what I recommend:

-JD jet kit

-R&D power pump kit (for the adjustable leak jet)

-o-ring mod on the APump linkage

-turn the APump timing screw in 1/8 of a turn

This has worked for me, though I still have a bog if I try to get one. I now have excellent throttle reponse off idle, and the torque comes in earlier than before.

Good luck.

Thanks Krannie I will get that done. Now I looked into the jd kit but it only comes with main jets and needle. There are a lot more jets in that carb then that what do i do about those. every thread i look at people are changing the sizes on all the jets in the carb to get it running right. does that mean i got to order individual jets that arnt the main

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