NEED HELP on purchasing items!

So I need a whole bunch of wear and tear items for the 06' DRZsm and was wondering what you all recommend for the categories. I'm mostly a smooth street rider, but tend to get off the road and into the ruff for short periods of time on a nice weekend ride. So I'm looking for long lasting milage products but which can also with stand a beating.

Chain: X or O (ever hear of Primary Drive? good/bad)

Brake Pads: EBC (good/bad)

Tires: Contiforces :lol: 160/60-17's for the rear!

Oil: ??? whats the stock oil 20w-50 (non synthetic or semi?)

Oil filter: K&N

spark plug: NGK Iridium?

Hope you guys can help gotta get a list together and find the lowest prices with in the next week or two. Thanks for your time!

Any X-ring or O-ring chain properly maintained will work.

Most people prefer the stock brake pads for the factory calipers.

Can't help with SM tires. I ride an S.

Any ester based full synthetic in the Xw-50 will do.

The K&N isn't recommended for the dirt. I like Twin Air myself.

The stock spark plug works great.

so it doesnt matter with all the stupid letters after and before the 520 chain just as long as its tightened, cleaned and oiled rutinely. So this should be a good chain?: RK 520EXW XW-RING Chain 520x110?? And I know AL sprockets are lighter but wear out faster and for a daily driver and not a race bike steel is the way to go.

I think it's funny how people say the aluminum sprockets wear out faster. Yes, it is true, I am not going to argue it, but they don't wear out that fast. If you buy aluminum sprockets that have been hard anodized, they will last a long time. I used aluminum sprockets on my 750 that had 125hp at the tire, and no cush drive. I rode that bike pretty damn hard and didn't have any wear problems at all.

I don't have the link here at work, but there is a place that sells a steel/aluminum sprocket so you get the best of both worlds. That might be my next one, not sure yet. It's either that one, or an aluminum one that has the hard anodizing.

I have an aluminum Driven sprocket on my S. It's definitely wearing faster than a steel sprocket would, but it's going to last plenty long for me.

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