Are Race Tech fork seals worth the money?

I just got an order from Rocky Mountain. I had ordered some fork seals for mine and my wifes bikes. I went with the Race Tech fork seals for my bike and bought Tusk fork seals for hers. Both of our bikes take the same size seals. The Race Tech seals cost me $25.99, and the Tusk seals cost $7.99. Upon close inspection I discovered that both brands are the same exact seal. Every number, indentation, dimension, and marking are exactly the same. The seals are made by the same manufacturer. There is one difference however. For the $18.00 additional cost for the Race Tech seals you get one RT decal. I don't know about you, but I feel that $18.00 is a lot of money for a sticker. I guess you don't always get what you pay for. What say you?

Yup I always pass on the RT seals, bushings, and fluids as generally they are just rebadged and marked up..

Perceived value is interesting. Some products you get a higher quality product as price goes up. Other products sell the exact same product, but add cost based on a name or label. I had a friend who worked at a place that made spaghetti noodles. He said the only difference between the name brand and the generic was the box they packaged it in. Line changeovers consisted of a different packaging box and that was it :lol:

Thanks for the info on the part #'s. Good to know !

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