mirror option?

I used a cat-eye bicycle mirror on the top inside corner of my handguard. I just used part of the mount. You can actually see quite well. Lock tite the little bolt as I lost the first one.


Damn! Does NY make you put that registration sticker on your fork?

looks awsome -- can you get some more pics on how you mounted it. What tires are you running?

I tried something like that with little luck. I used Powermadd mirrors. Your set-up looks beef-ier than mine did.(is that a word???). Just this morning I mounted a swivel mirror like I had on my DRZ(you keep it up when your on the road and fold it down when going off road). I think that will work well for me. Ill try to get a few pics when I can, its curently(my bike) sitting on a 5-gal pail, suspension- less.

BTW, love the mudd job!

very cool. i have a MSR duel sport mirror mounted under my bar. it works great. you can actually see behind you.

where are you in NY?............i think ive asked you.....

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