Checking the Valves

I borrowed a set of feeler guages from work, but the biggest one .025mm, and they decrease from there by .001 incriments all the way to .004. My question is, as I've read before you need .1 to .2 for the intake and .2 to .3 for the exhaust. Can I add the feeler guages together and still get an accurate measurement? They seem too thick, but maybe it's just because I've never seen them before. I can get a pic of them if you want, thanks for help:worthy:

Okay, I had a blonde moment. I was stacking two together and they make a mm on a ruler.(.025+.024 was making one?!) Turns out the big numbers are in inches, and the smaller numbers are mm:bonk: (It only says mm on each one, so I though mm would be the primary number)

So starting on the big side with .635 and going down by about .025mm each. Would stacking work?

You are mixing metric and inch dimensions. If you are using inch feeler gages, the correct valve clearanes in inches are: IN .004 to .008 inches; EX .008 to .012 inches.

Okay I got it all figured out. I have the right sizes, no stacking needed. Thanks for the help, sorry for being such a noob:bonk:

OK. Decide if you are using mm or inches. Yes .025 inch and .024 inch together is .049 inches and that is just a little over 1mm. 0.025mm = .001 inch.

Valve clearances in mm are: IN 0.10 to 0.20mm; EX 0.20 to 0.30mm

The conversion from mm to inch is: mm/25.4=in

The conversion from inches to mm is: inx25.4=mm

Common format for metric is to preceide the decimal with a zero: 0.025mm

common format or inches is to not use a zero in front of the decimal: .001inch

It does not change the value, just common practice. Watch the placement of the decimal.

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