Will Drz Fit In Mini Van

Has anyone ever transpotered their drz in a mini van I have a dodge caravan

I think if I had a mini van I would just stick to rideing the DRZ

I've seen on another forum where a guy put his in the back of his suv. He removed the rear wheel and slid the bike in backwards on a piece of wood, and strapped the bike in with the front tire hanging out. I guess it worked for him:thumbsup:

i witnessed a grizzly 700 with a 25" tire kit loaded into the back of a ford windstar...

My buddy has put 2 bikes in the back of an Astro Van. Just use ratchet straps to hold the suspension all the way down.

had a guy pick up my sold KTM 250 and manage to stick in the back of a little toyota van

ive seen pics on this forum of a guy who put his drz in the back of a honda pilot.

sure it will......stop by the Sears Craftsman Section first:banana:

Come to think of it, i fit my old SL350 in the back of my town and country

I picking up new bike this week but its to cold to ride here wondering how iam going to get it back

It'll fit, just either lean it over, or strap down the suspension.

U-haul. Twenty bucks plus mileage.

I once stuffed a full size couch into the back of a jeep wrangler. It stuck out a bit, but it worked.

Get the hitch mounted rack. Best $100 I've ever spent.

I fit the DRZ into my Toyota Sienna by taking the front wheel off and compressing the forks a bit.

Ask some people at work or any one with a truck.I am sure you can find some one to help.

Ride it back..... its never too cold!

Will Drz Fit In Mini Van?

To quote Homer Simpson: "There's only one way to find out!"

I don't know what a 'mini van' is but it fits inside my very small suzuki rascal van






Yep...will fit...

Thread is here--->LINK to Thread


I don't know what a 'mini van' is but it fits inside my very small suzuki rascal van

:lol: a mini van in the U.S. is a passenger van built with a unibody chassis as opposed to a regular van (built on a truck chassis or full frame chassis) which is larger and often used for commercial purposes, we also have conversion vans which are regular vans with luxury passenger accomodations like reclining chairs and curtains :worthy:

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