what premix to use with a kx125

what premix to use with a kx125

depends what you are using it for. but no higher than 40:1 offroad and i think 32:1 on the track. i would run a maximum of 32:1 no matter what i had, i believe in the more oil with proper jetting theory, but thats just me.

If I remember correctly the manual calls for 32:1 for the 03 however Team Green recommended jetting changes using 40:1

If you change your ratio you may also need to rejet.

If you are running less premix you will be running fuel rich, If you run more premix you will be running fuel lean

here's a warning from team green:

CAUTION: Specifications are obtained using 92 Octane pump fuel mixed at a 32:1 mix ratio. Your results will vary with the use of different gasolines, oils, temperatures, altitudes or mix ratios. Team Green does not recommend the use of low octane pump gas, aviation fuels or octane boosters. Use of these products may cause engine damage or failure. Recommended for sea level to 3,000 feet above sea level.

I run 50:1 in my 03 with no problems. I use belray h1r

is it ok for it to have some oil from the pipe to the brake

thats called spoog that runs out the end of youre silencer.best thing to do is to pick a good quality oil,amsoil,belray,motul,pj1 ect and pick a oilto gas ratio an then stick to it(being a small cc motor an high strung try some thing between 32:1-40:1)i personally use 36:1 in my kx250 an son yz85.then you are going to have to play the jetting game.the oil coming out of the can could be you need to repack it or jetting.the yamaha 2 stroke forum has a right up on how to jet a bike,go read it its very useful.but most important is to pick a oil then a gas oil mixture an then jet for it then stick to it.hope this helps a little.kawie:ride:

I always ran Amsoil Dominator at 50:1 and it was great. I followed PC's jetting specs. Prior to leaning it out, the bike was nasty rich regardless of premix ratio.

32:1 is safe, use a good quality oil like the others say.

The oil your seeing is spooge, and its probably from running rich


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