7.1 Spring rate

Like the title says, I was wondering what kind of rider/riding would need a shock spring rate of 7.1?

an awfully big one?


Uhhh, I have a 7.6 now, and later I'm going to an 8.1.

I'm 6'4" and 225 w/ gear.

depends on the linkage ratio.my xr650r has an 11.5 on it right now.

an 8.1? wow thats huge for someone only 225 lbs

Im 245lb and have a 6.2 rear revalved by RG3 it feels perfect.

Really depends on what bike and how much the person weighs.My bike is a kx 450

Mines a DR350, compared to newer bikes, this thing has far different linkage arm lengths. Also, the shock on a DR seems to be farther back. Course, I like my suspension a little on the stiff side, keep in mind this is for a 265lb bike.

It all depends on where the shocks are mounted, and the amount of leverage in the system. I am currently trying to figure out what to do with my soft 82 CR480r suspension, no one makes springs for it, and stock is a 7.5 (I have two, one measured 7.5 the other 7.2). The X/Rs use a similiar set-up I guess, as they use much heavier springs then their CR counterparts that have much stiffer suspension, yet much softer rates. I'm debating making some adapter rings to fit a KTM spring, but it's so much wider, I will ahve issues with the air boot.

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