Kawasaki kd 125 tires

hey everyone i was wondering if anyone coulld tell what the size of my tires are? the manual says front tire 2.75 - 21 (also says this on side of tire) and the rear tire says 3.50 - 18. i was wondering if somone could tell me what these numbers are for example like this 110/90 etc. thanks

The 110 is the width in metric and the 90 is the side wall . The 90 is a percentage of the width . So 90 would be 90% of 110 just like car tires . The lower the second # the lower the side wall. With street tires you will find lots of tires with the same width and rim size , but many differant side wall heights

Some times called aspect ratio.

i geuss i didnt word myself correct i wanted to convert the 2.75 - 21 and 3.50 - 18 to metric but i dont know how



I would use a slightly larger and very available

80/100-21 and 100/100=18 these will work great

thank you very much

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