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PArty ???

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Dont know the politics of a link to another site so I copied and pasted it for this one..


"So I've been chatting with Tour Pros about having a shindig,Hootenanny etc on July 3rd in beautiful HOOD RIVER at his place.

the reason is a friend of mine is coming to town to play blues fest and i wanted to hook him up a gig. His name is Kevin Gordon..the man that keith Richards called "****ing bloody William Shakespear".

anyway Tourpros has room to host the crowd..there is a campground right on the river below his house for those who want to camp. it would be bring what you want to grill..we'll have some beer there and sounds like some other musical guests. Party is open to riders and citizens alike. We will do a pre-registration to make sure the band gets covered as well as a PA and The beer.

Cost is going to be $30.00 any money left over after expenses will be donated to charity.

If we get a good response here i will start a paypal pre-registration thingy

here is some info on kevin

From the Tennessean, 12/14/08:

"Every now and then, someone writes a great song and fellow songwriters curse themselves for not coming up with the same idea . . . more rare, though, is the undeniably superb song that could only have come from one mind, and from one person's experience. Kevin Gordon's 'Colfax' is that song . . . ostensibly about a kid in the marching band but winds up being about the heart of American darkness and the steel that it takes to move beyond. It is not yet on an album, and it will not be recorded by some famous country radio star. But we'll empty your spit-valve for life if you find us anything more stunning than 'Colfax' in 2009, when Gordon moves it from stage to CD."--The Tennessean, "Ahead of the Class"(Best of 2008), 12/14/08

Kevin Gordon's current CD - o Come Look at the Burning - climbed to the Top 10 on the Americana radio chart, and continues to receive significant airplay at XM and Sirius satellite radio. The album has made several year-end Top Albums lists, as well. Playboy magazine says, "Kevin Gordon's 'O Come Look At The Burning' may be the least classifiable of the [Nashville Underground] lot but perhaps the best, with a strange assortment of swamp rock, blues and literate lyrics."

The opening track from the Burning record, Watching the Sun Go Down, was recently licensed for use in the new HBO series, True Blood. The title track of Kevin's 2000 Shanachie Records release - Down to the Well- a duet with Lucinda Williams, was featured on both the Oxford American Music issue CD and on No Depression: What It Sounds Like, Vol. 1 compilation, released by Dualtone Records.

Mr. Gordon's songs have been recorded by Keith Richards, Levon Helm, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Irma Thomas, Webb Wilder, Kate Campbell, and others. Raised in north Louisiana and currently based in Nashville, Kevin earned a Master's degree in poetry from the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop.

More information online:




From Arkansas Times live review, March 2008:

"White Water is notoriously difficult to play quietly. And just about impossible to play solo. The same rowdy crowd that makes the room so fun on a packed night makes it downright miserable for a singer armed with nothing but a guitar against the noise. So when Gordon excused his rhythm section halfway through his set to play a few new songs, I cringed for him. But he did something I've not seen in over 15 years of frequenting White Water. He hushed the late-night audience. And with songs, in varying states of completion, they'd never heard before. The highlight was a meditation on a singular event from his past — marching in a parade with a junior high band and facing down the KKK — that manages to be incredibly funny and poignant."

"...Sinewy, bluesy guitars and lyrics that mark Gordon as one of his generation's most important and advanced musical wordsmiths." -- Peter Cooper, The Tennessean

"...the poor, benighted bastard appears to suffer from a surfeit of integrity. He also bears the burden of enormous talent. Gordon makes music thrilling in its multifarious resonance -- believe it."-- Playback St. Louis magazine

"A multifaceted diamond of rocking Southern soul, groove grease and songs that make you want to climb into the complicated world Gordon evokes with a natural-born musician's feel and storyteller's ear for nuance."-- Pasadena (CA) Weekly

"I love the record. I get transported to a beautiful, strange, familiar place. It's where the best music comes from.Deep and soulful. It reminds me of why I love music...."-- Buddy Miller, on "o Come Look at the Burning"

"Kevin Gordon's [o Come Look at the Burning] has everything a Stones or Howlin' Wolf fan could crave: snaking guitars, hammering drums, and gruff, bluesy vocals."-- Body & Soul magazine

"F**king bloody William Shakespeare . . ."-- Keith Richards

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