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I am in need of a new bike and want a 125. My parents on the other hand, are only for a 250F bike. My parents only want a 250F because they think a two stroke is unreliable and a waste of money. I need some facts that would help me change their minds. Can you guys help me? BTW, I have ridden both types bikes and I want a two stroke more so it isn't like I haven't ridden them before.

Cheaper to maintain

Easier to maintain

Quieter in the long run

Less moving parts, less stuff to break.

Cheaper to maintain

Easier to maintain

Quieter in the long run

Less moving parts, less stuff to break.

Yup, also they smell better:banana:

Less maintenance.

Cheaper parts.

More reliable.

Just tell them to look into what a good professional valve/head job costs on the four banger and then compare that to a top end (piston/rings etc.) for the smoker. That may pursuade their decision.

A shim kit is just as expensive to replace an entire top-end on a 2-stroke.

To replace the top-end on a 4-stroke you can buy a used bike.

haha^^this is true. Valve job will run you upwards of $800.

Show them the price of parts in any catalog like Motosport, etc.

Thanks guys, how often do you have to re-do the valves on a four stroke and a top end on a two stroke 125?

2 stroke top end $120(at the most)

4 stroke top end $500(the cheapest ive found)

I did my 125 top end once every 6 months or so.(I wasent very fast)

4 stroke valves last different times depending on what bike you have.

yamaha valves last a long time. Hondas....not so much.(from my experience)

plus a 125 will make you a better, more skilled rider . 4t's can make you lazy, although I've never ridden a 250f only 400/450f's. Sell them on the, a more skilled rider is a safer rider angle!

btw I am 46 yrs old and have ridden big bore 4t's and a gas gas 300 2t and just bought a used 02 husky wr 125 to test the small bore waters. Got one ride in last fall before the snow rolled in. I think this bike is going to be a real kick!! If you are a woods rider get the husky!!

Thanks guys but my parents are still are all for 4 stroke. Are there any other points I can tell them that might change their mind?

I think everyone has hit on the biggest aspects of having a two VS. a four. Both are great bikes. Both are fun..

TT's are def.


-Easier to maintain

-Easier to work on

-Will help to create good riding habits


If you are going to race, consider this. Top ends on the 4 strokes can cost 3-4 times (or more) as much as a top end rebuild on a TT..That's a dime or two. (Especially in todays economy) That's money you could be putting into racing/Riding your bike.. Just a thought :lol:

have you tried showing your parents the difference in prices for parts between 2t's and 4t's. show them like a motosport catalog.

Compare the price of an aftermarket exhaust between the 2.

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