WP closed cartridge fork oil dummy

In a bonehead, 12 beers in manuever,I placed one of my forks upside-down on its quick-bleed air screw and some oil leaked out.I don't know how to measure let alone add oil to these forks.Furthermore,I don't even know where I lost the oil from;the cartridge or the outer tube.I really have no clue and I can't even take my forks in to my local dealer because the place burned to the ground on new years eve! (spectacular fire video on you-tube @ kootenay sleds&wheels:fire...)I really could use some help as the snow is melting and I would like my bike to be ready to race....Thanks in advance.

Exactly how much is "some" oil? Was it a teaspoon, or a quart?

Unless it was like 50cc or more, I wouldn't worry about it.

I would guess about 10-20ml,I actually drained 15ml from the other fork in an arttempt to even them out.

Was the oil at the stock height before the mishap?

yes the fork oil was at the stock height

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