Are 08 and 09 seats the same?

Im looking to get either a sdg seat or just a foam..All the mx websites dont say anything about 09.. Will a 08 seat fit on a 09? I would think so but since things changed some on the bike im not sure.

anyone know?

They must be different because I spoke with someone from SDG today and the seat for the 09 won't be available for a couple of months.


Im thinking it different due to new frame and subframe.

Yes it´s different.

I mounted an '08 SDG step seat onto my '09. I had to notch the plastic base where it boxes out and meets the cross member on the subframe, and I also removed the stock rear mounting brakcets on the stock seat, and put them on the SDG seat. Moved 'em back a couple on inches as well. Pretty easy..maybe took a 1/2 hour or so.

crap, i coulda got austin stroupes seat last night in indy and i didnt ask because i thoguht it wouldnt fit!

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