Vertical Obstacles

So i stacked two tires and have been trying to clear them all day. 50% of the tries I get over them but the other 50% I end up falling down. I haven't got it mastered bc I dont know exactly what Im doing wrong or what I should do.

I get near the tires and pull in the clutch, build the revs and pop it. I lift the front wheel a bit and then I hit the tires. The front of the bike comes up very fast and I can't stay on it. I find that I ease the throttle out when Im panicked and maybe thats my problem (lose momentum, fall over) but i feel that if I give her more gas Ill just flip the bike.

Anyways, how are vertical obstacles cleared in enduro? not just tires, but logs, or really vertical slabs of stone. thanks a lot

try doing it without the clutch, i'd imagine it would be more consistant,

although i never drop the clutch for anything and use my body to lift the front instead, so i wouldnt really know the difference

you need to practice wheelies more . You shouldn't need the clutch to get the front end up on a modern dirt bike in first gear . The clutch should only be used to get wheelies up in 2-6 gears . 1st gear is just to unpredictable to clutch up in most situations .

Pics plz!

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