143 se motor

Do any of you know or have this engine kit. I was wondering if its reliable. I have heard the tranny can't take it or the kick start shaft breaks. Thanks Robot.

I had mine for almost a year now. The tranny is still the same, it takes about 5 minutes bf ores it will shift really smooth and I still can't get the dang thing in neutral while it's running. But no problems with the motor side of it. It starts first kick every time and the power is great. At MX395 I was beating big bikes in a 100 yard roller section. I was pinned going through them every lap, it was comedy. I change the oil after ever two rides. I love it.

Thanks for the input. Iam almost done with my build. I will show a video when iam done.

i just got my kitaco finished yesterday. i havent really ridden it yet, ive just been breaking it in by riding it up and down my driveway.

it isnt any harder to kickstart than my bbr 120 and it doesnt seem to have any trouble shifting.

ill write a review once i actually take it out riding.

Yea the shifting part is just my motor, not the kit. It's not that bothersome or worth splitting the cases over.

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