lead on my spokes

i recently got a bike and after i got it home i noticed lead weights on my spokes..this is for balancing i assume but does it mean my rims are no good?

the rims seem true its just that they have these lead thingies on the spokes..

its a 07 drz 400sm.

another question what oil do i put in it?

Is this a street legal bike?

i'm not sure why their would be lead since truing the rims would make them balanced...

my 2008 DRZ400SM came with weights on the spokes of the front, but not the back, from the dealer brand new, just sometimes the way the tire gets mounted its just not quite right... if its a dirt bike i'm not sure what the weights would be for...

i'm not sure why their would be lead since truing the rims would make them balanced...

there's a difference btwn balancing (weight issues) and truing a wheel. The led weights counteract for a lopsided tube, the weight of the valve stem/valve hole in rim, and the inconsitancies in the rubber tire. Truing a wheel just means it's straight and round.

Most dirtbikes don't need balanced wheels. Desert racers maybe (speeds of 50mph+), but it's real common on dual sport bikes and street only bikes.

its a 07 drz 400 sm.....

That's normal for street bikes becuase the rim lock can throw off the balance and they are operated at higher speeds on a smooth surface. I have a 1972 TS185 with wheel weights because it was a dual sport bike.

I put them on my dual sported XR650R for wheel balancing. At 65 mph I had a slight wobble that was fixed with the spoke weights.

so its nothing to worry about.....thats good

Gotta be careful with the led word, next thing you know they will want to ban dual sporting bikes. I can see it now, some rugrat on a mission knawing on your wheel.

Some people balance their tires if they are riding on the streets. I have mine balanced and it made a world of dif. Most likely, your weights are on the oposite side of the rim to the rimlocks. a rear rimlock weighs almost 4.5oz, and a front about 2.5 oz so they can make a huge dif in tire balance when riding on the street.

Hey, how come your weirdo politicians ban lead mx parts from being sucked by all your kiddies, but you can still use lead weights on wheels?

A DRZSM is a street bike, and like all other street bikes, the wheels come balanced from the factory. It is no different than the wheels/tires on your car. Tires are not perfectly balanced, so the wheels need weights attached to them. Dirt bikes don't have 'em because of the lower speeds, and un-even terrain they're ridden on.

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