Any pro engine builders??

I'm looking for anyone who is very experienced in working/building on a 2 stroke.

I am a very experienced engine builder but since moving from Ft Campbell, Ky to Ft Knox, Ky I lost my shop to work in. I was the builder and head porter in a shop that built dirt track and drag motors.

Right now I'm working on my sons 06 KX100 and putting a +2mm crank in it and I know the head needs to be machined. Has anyone dealt with this and know off hand what the stock cc is for the combustion chamber on the 06 head and what it needs to go up to. I'm running out of time before the season starts and probably not enough time to order in a new Burrett and still get it to the shop to turn it.

I had the serious thought of machining a 2mm billet head spacer plate. But after some calculations and common sense, it won't work.

I also have an 05 cylinder and head that is sleeved 2mm bigger to make a full 112 but thats another story. Plus the 05 and 06 heads are different inside the chambers.

I have most of my critical #'s except the chamber cc's. I do want to bump up the compression too. The stock 100 is 8.8 and I want to get closer to 9.5-9.8.

Any help in this area would be great or just to talk to someone that knows about this kind of stuff and brainstorm with.


I would PM Ron Hamp if I were you. or Jesse with Williamsmotowerx

Thanks. Also, if anyone out there that I can send this to that can get it done right.

anyone else out there??

Try Eric Gorr , at He has been around many years and has worked for team HONDA

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