How To Get More Out Of Headlight + New Handguards?

Has anyone upgraded their factory headlight to get better illumination? If so, how'd you do it? What'd you use? I've looked around at Acerbis and stuff like that and I just can't convince myself to lose the stock look without trying other stuff.


So broke the factory (or cheaper than dirt) handguard that was on the KLX 250 when I bought it. Again, looked to Acerbis for replacement. Any suggestions?

Edit: Needed a quick fix so went out and bought same Acerbis guards that were on sale, nice enough quality, but they don't work with the cheap replacement bars I have on my bike that were put on after the last owner bent them. Any suggestions on bars now? I've heard a lot about ProTaper...

You could try sticking a HID kit on there. You can pick them up pretty cheap on fleabay ~$30.00 shipped.

Lots of guys are using them on some of the streetbike forums and love them.

My 98 klx300 has a baja designs dual sport kit and the head light has a removable H4 bulb. I was on their web site today and they have different watt bulbs. My bike was setup with a 35/35 watt bulb and I ordered a 55/60 watt bulb from them. They also sell the lense housing and it is square like the stock headlight. They could tell you if it fits. I think the bike puts out 90 watts at 4000 rpm but I cant find my manual right now.

I recall from an old DR mag, that the "Diablo" headlight was best bang for the buck. Can't remember if its Baja D. or someone else. Google it.

Also, I've mounted Tusk hand guards. They are cheap ($50 or so) with all mounts, etc. and strong as anything out there. I've tested it on a few occasions by just general dropping the bike, etc. (I have my moments). Got mine a few years ago at RM ATV. You can see them on my bike. I just posted pics on the "latest pics of your bike" thread.

Highly recommend the Pro-Taper bars with Acerbis handguards. See pictures in my garage.

That's exactly what I installed and it looks badass and I can def tell the difference already.

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