2003 450 Muffler End Cap

I was wondering if the end cap from the 2004-2005 CRF's muffler will fit on the 2003 muffler. It looks pretty similar and I like the look of the newer round end cap, so I was wondering if it can just bolt on?


Doesn't look like they are interchangeable.

From ProMoto Billets site-


2002-2003 style above

2004-2008 below


I did some more poking around the web trying to find some pics of the tips installed and it looks like the above shapes from PMB's site may not be accurate as I saw several installs on later models that looked like the upper oval pic. I'm sure it's been covered before and someone with more facts on it will reply soon.

Here's a nice write up on the install

The PMB part looks very nice and is available through the TT store.

The pic on bottom is not for a CRF. PMB are inchangeable 02-08 anyway. for oem 02-03 had a stinger tip, but later years will install on them.

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