what pipe for EO 190 kit?

I have an 06 125L which my 14 yr old has been riding for the past 3 seasons. He is not ready for a full size frame but needs a little more power to keep it interesting. After searching the great info posted on this site I have ordered the eo 190 kit and carb. Now i am deciding which pipe to order. Anyone use the eo outlaw? One consideration is that we ride a lot of public lands and I am trying to be a little sensitive to noise levels. I have been considering the bbr pipe because i can get a noise reduction insert with it. Any opinions on which pipe would be best and experience with how loud they are would be most helpful. I will take some pics as I get into the project and let you all know how it goes.

i am a big fan of megaphone pipes because it gives you a broader power band. the eo pipe works well and is quiet.the yosh pipe is real good pipe but is louder.we use our own set up with a different mega but its race only

good to hear the eo pipe is not to loud. I noticed on your garage that you have put bbr fork springs on a couple of your bikes. How are they working for you? That has got to be a lot easier and cheaper than finding and bolting on rm 85 forks.

they are a good cheap upgrade not as good as 85 forks all of my bikes now have 85 front ends on them.

just putting in springs saves a ton of weight over rm 85 forks. Not nearly as nice though.


tom i thought the same thing about the weight but the 85 fork is real close to the 125 fork in weight.


really? I just remember holding the Rm's in my hand (I know....real scientific right?) after taking off my stockers and thinking dang! these things are tanks! But it could be just the different diameters making them feel that way I guess.


I'm going to be fitting the rm forks soon. I was wondering what the weight difference was going to be, expecting the rm to be quite a bit heavier.

I will weigh the stock and rm forks ( complete with clamps ) and post .

grbgman, lets know what you think of the EO 190 kit when your up and running

I have two bikes set up with the Yosh. One is stock with the common air box and carb mods and the other is the EO 190 kit. I love the look and sound of the Yosh. I have also had zero issues with the Yosh. As for the forks I have 1 of each. 06 KX 85 forks on the 06 DRZ and BBR Fork Springs in the 07 in my garage. I am light 130lbs and I do not like riding them back to back. I like the KX 85 waay better. Hoping to go that way on the 07 soon.:lol:

As I keep my eye out for the rm85 forks, I am guessing that I will need the tree as well to accommodate the larger diameter cylinder? Also, how early would you consider in a used component. Where have you guys found your forks. Local chop shop?

Looking forward to sharing experience/thoughts on the 190 kit. Should have it in the next few day. I am clearly more excited than my son, but should be a fun project for us.

dmigod, how loud is the yosh? thanks for your input.

E bay!! I have picked up the forks with triple clamps for $225-$350 (I have bought 3 sets)


The Yosh is pretty loud but not as loud and the PC in my opinion. When I ride at a couple of friends places I run the yosh header with the stock silencer. Really quiet!:lol:

I tried the stock muffler with the Yosh header, didn't fit? Did you have to do anything special for that?

Remove the heat shield/tape stuff where they meet up. It is tight but it fits.:lol:

put a k&n air filter in it also

pro circut are little loud and have a racey sound but they are good pipes

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