countershaft seal?

How hard are these to replace, i have one leaking pretty bad.

Easily done from the "outside". Pry the old one off and replace it.

clean it first, probly has dirt in it. Also re-cup the washer, it needs the tension to seal, and it needs to have a stock sprocket to be sure thickness is correct for the tension on the seal system.

Good point (the stock front sprocket) on RFS engines but not needed on the new 450/505 SXF/XCF engines.:lol:

well i didnt know thatm 07 250xcfw looks the same, but I havent had it apart yet. How are the new ones different?

i have a 06 sxf 250 and if is leaking also where can i find a how to guide

well i didnt know thatm 07 250xcfw looks the same, but I havent had it apart yet. How are the new ones different?

I assumed his bike is an 450 or 505 SXF. Those have had some issues with leaking CS gaskets. You do know how these engines differ from the old RFS , right ??

I haven´t heard about leaking CS gaskets on 250 SXF /XCF´s but that engine hasn´t ,of course , changed much since it was introduced in -05.

I know they are different motors, but I dont think the CS seal system has changed, maybe it has, I havent taken my front sprocket off yey.

The old RFS engine needed the exact OEM front sprocket thickness to press on the CS to prevent leakage.. Not so on RC4 engines. You can use aftermarket sprockets too.

The old RFS engine needed the exact OEM front sprocket thickness to press on the CS to prevent leakage.. Not so on RC4 engines. You can use aftermarket sprockets too.

I had not noticed that, so the factory sprocket is thinner? or is it more cup in the washer to allow the thinner aftermarket sprocket to work?

Anyway I have never replaced the seal, I pull the sprocket, clean all debris off with paint brush & brake clean, then pull the inner sleeve out and and clean the inside of the seal with a Q tip. pack the space between the shaft & seal with waterproof wheel bearing grease and push the inner sleeve back in, recup the washer (big socket open end up, washer cup side up on the socket, big ballpeen hammer ball side down into the cut, take another big hammer and hit the ball peen hamer HARD! reassemble with lots of RED loctite on the threads and torque to spec!

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