xl250r repair manual

I'm looking for the downloadable .PDF file for the 1986 xl250r. There aren't many out there. Only the xr400 and 650. If any one has it will you please post it. It will be appreciated by me and probably many others. Thanks


Bump....Need one too if so!

Bump....Anyone that can help me out?

i have a hayns manual. i'd be happy to share any info with you. can't scan though.

Isn't the '86-95 250 the same? With small exceptions.

The specs for the carbs, carb settings, electrical schematics, carb hose routing, etc. are different between generations. A lot of people took the xl's and ripped out the street lighting equipment, jerry rigged the wiring and modified the bike so that it's hard to get them back to oem specs. Even the after market manuals aren't helpful enough.

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