penny for your thoughts? I need some advice

i'm trading my SV for a DS and I was pretty set on trading for a DRZ and I had two options

an '00 w/ 9k miles, acerbis plastics and cyclops headlight, HMF pipe, rejetted, barkbusters


(the tank is painted black now) there is JBWeld repair on the stator cover

an'01 stock 3700 miles + $500-800 upon inspection of my bike


also comes with stock rear fender/blinkers/mirrors

BUT! this is the offer that is really got me :lol: my brain

a '97 XR400R w/ 10k miles


I asked if he would add cash to the trade because the XR is worth a considerable amount less than my SV and he reponded by offering to add a 97 CBR900RR

'97 CBR900RR


I asked why he was willing to trade two nikes for my one and he said he was looking to sell both the XR and CBR to buy a newer SV or R6

Now assuming all the bikes are in good running order which deal would you take and why?

fweew...that was long, forgive me

Now assuming all the bikes are in good running order which deal would you take and why?

I'd definitely skip the CB900RR. The insurance on that thing has got to be >> than on a DRZ.

Mmmm, 2 for 1 sounds like fun! Once you get a DS, that CBR will sit in the garage most of the time. Do you know what that CBR is worth? Maybe you can get enough $$$ out of it to farkle the crap out of that XR!

A DRZ with $800 cash in hand is a good one too. Maybe you can get $1000 cash due to the big-ass dent in the tank!

Both the '00 and '01 S models have the less desirable cartridge style front forks. They can be quite functional with a little service and springs however. I'd jump on the '01 with $$ to you. You can tend to any small issues, upgrade the suspension, and get some basic mods and then ride baby ride! :lol::banghead::worthy:

well if you realy want a drz then thats what you should get

I would go with the 01

How much is YOUR bike worth if you sold it and COULD you sell it for that without much problem?

How much does a 97 CBR go for?

NADA value of a 2003 SV650 is $2600-$3400. I could try and sell it, I had gotten a few offers to buy it in response to my F/T ad on CL but I was looking to trade bike for bike

From what I've seen, you can get even more bike for the same money if you buy used on craigs list.

I'd be happy to help you find one if you decide to go that route

I search my local CL every couple days since I decided I want a DS but I haven't really come across much

I would go for the all stock one. But thats just me.

DRZ'a are aplenty, dunno about DS though. Never looked for one

sorry. DS=dual sport

I called my insurance company and the CBR would be about $300 a year for basic+theft coverage. The DRZ would probably be about what, $100 a year?

sorry. DS=dual sport

I called my insurance company and the CBR would be about $300 a year for basic+theft coverage. The DRZ would probably be about what, $100 a year?

Depends on where you live and who you use. I know that my Geico premiums went up about $75/year with full coverage on my DRZ-SM. Not too shabby. Part of the savings might be that my Duc was no longer my primary vehicle.... :lol:

I would go for the XR400 and the CBR myself. XR400's are damn near bullet proof, and can be turned into SM's. We did it to my friends bike and it's fun as hell. Is the XR400 street legal? If so, that is a HUGE plus. What kind of shape is the CBR900 in? If good, EVEN better! They might be "old" as far as motorcycles are concerned, but the 900 is still a very potent bike. Put a 17 inch front wheel from a F3 on and you are set. (not sure, did the 1997 come with a 17 inch or a 16? I think they were all 16). It looks like he has an Akrapovic pipe on it too, those are really nice for inline 4's.

Even better, if the XR is street legal, sell the 900 and use all the money from that to trick out your XR. There are a TON of aftermarket parts for those bikes. Sure, I own a DRZ and I like them, but that 2 for 1 deal sounds too good to be true. Just make sure the XR is street legal and the CBR is in good running condition. Also check what kind of plastics he is running on it. They look all black, which might mean they are Maier plastic, which is garbage. If that is the case I would ask him to throw in at least a couple hundred, lol.

Oh, and as far as insurance goes, when I had 3 bikes insured, it only cost me and extra $30-40 a year vs only having my DRZ insured.

I think I have worked out a sweet deal! I talked to the kid that owns the DRZ, the '00 and what I think I'm going to do is thrade my SV for the XR and CBR than flip the CBR to the kid w/ the DRZ. So in the end I will have a street legal XR and a street legal DRZ:banana: .

gotta run, more when I get back

how's that deal sound? I like it




IMGP2224.jpg odo reads 24337

from what he tells me the CBR "runs and rides like a cadillac"

Looks nice as hell.

I'm personally not into older bikes like the XR but that's me. If it's ok with you, seems like a good deal.

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