handguard hilarity

I've got a '08 CRF230F with Pro-Taper SE KX-Hi bend handlebars. I bought a set of Cycra Pro-Bend handguards and the U-clamp mounts didn't have room on the bar. Exchanged for triple clamp mounts and discovered my pinch bolts went in from the wrong side. Refunded those mounts and special ordered mounts for front insert pinch bolts and realized once they arrived that the 230's triple clamps are narrower than standard bikes which prevents the inner end of the hanguards from reaching the mounts. The only option I have left is the "Solution" mount kit which is twice as expensive as the others and I won't be able to send them back if they don't work. Are KX-HI bend handlebars weird in any way which would prevent the solution mount from working?

you need to move some things around, but theres no reason why the regular bar mounts wont work...

I'm not familiar with the KX-HI bend, but HEYBUDDY is right: Once you move things around, the standard mounts should fit. Is the KX-HI a full-size bar?

Lots of folks have used mini-sized handguards with the stock bars.


Yeah they're full size bars. The regular bar mounts would fit if I was able cut about 3/4" off each end. I could have done that on the throttle side, but my clutch perch is as far in as it would go. I suppose I could have cut my clutch lever in half to get the get me the clearance I'd need to cut the bars, but I really like the fit I have with my bike like it is. I went ahead and ordered the solution mount kit which clamps to the flat middle of the bar which should take the size of the bike out of the equation. If that doesn't work I'll have a brand new set of handguards with mounting hardware for sale. Or I'll keep the guards and buy a bike that will fit them.

wait, what? im not understanding.

why are the handguards a problem?

is it cause they are too big? or cause theres no where on the bars to mount them?

i was able to put my acerbis multiconcepts on with the bar mounts and that was when i still had stock levers.. didnt even have to cut them down.

only thing was i moved the kill switch to the downtube of the bar out of the way (i like it better there anyways)

maybe a pic would help?

The bar mounts want to land where the crossbar of the handlebars is attached. No-worky. I tried really hard. I bet they'd work well on Fatbars because of the lack of a cross member. I was thinking of actually cutting the handguards themselves and drilling a new hole in them so that the u-clamps would land just outside of the crossbar mounts if the solution mount doesn't work. For some reason I can't upload any pics larger than a thumbnail.


that may just be the way the KX highs are, or the pro-bends.

ill have to take a look at them tomorrow at work and see if i can think of anything

The solution mount system worked. I had to use longer bolts and washers to move the center bar far enough out so that it did not restrict access to the ignition key. After moving it that far out it actually went over the number plate and prevented any interference from it as well. I highly recommend the Cycra solution mount system. It might not fit every bike perfect right out of the box, but it provides a lot of flexibility in angles and spacing without relying heavily on hacksaws and aluminum welding. Now all I have to do is wreck my bike a few times to make the new plastic match.

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