Loud scary thud instead of a zing...When shutting down.

I just put a new tranny in my bike and started it for the first time. When I shut it off, it almost sounds like the starter just engages rapidly and makes a loud thump noise. Is there some kind of ratcheting mechanism I forgot to put in?

Well, researched it a little further...One person thought it was pre-ignition. I'll see if the problem persists.

New tranny in an '05? :lol:

What happened?

Yuup...new tranny. I blew up third gear, which pounded the bottom of the rod and broke the shifter fork from the side of the case.


How many miles are on your bike? Did you have any warning before third gear went? Thanks for any details you could provide.


I had almost 10,000 on my bike when it went out. Nope...no warning at all. I thought the chain had broken at first. The weird thing was that it happened at low rpm in third gear, which kinda surprised me. You'd think that something like this would happen when your engine is making max power...but then again, at low rpm the engine is kinda trashy. Not sure if that's the best word to describe it, but I hope you catch my drift.

Thanks for the info. I'll stay tuned to your "Big problems" thread.


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