have you ever heard of the rebound needl breaking?

I bought a shock off of e-bay and the guy said the rebound was not working properly. It is a showa off a 05crf450r. When I got the shock apart, the rebound needle was stuck in the shaft. So when I started to remove the clevis, I relizied the nut had been taken loose and someone had been messing with it. I removed the clevis and the needle was broken right below the o-ring where the needle starts to flair out and come in contact with the rebound adj. ramp. I think someone had taken this apart and didn't turn the rebound back out to full soft and then over tightend the clevis and it snapped the needle. Dose this make sence? I ordered a new one, but now I am wondering if the seat in the top of the rod is damaged also. Is there anyway to check this? Also, does anyone have the proper measurement for the distance the clevis should be turned in properly? Thanks to all.

Let me guess....he thought he had to remove the clevis to take the spring off.....

If I had a dime for every time I've heard that one......

In any case, your diagnosis sounds correct as to why the needle broke.

does anyone know the proper way to reinstall the clevis so that it set at it correct highth?

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