MXA April TC450 test

Just got April's MXA, and there is a test of the 09TC450. They had really good things to say about Husky and are especially excited about the TC250, which they say they "already have started to test" ??? Wierd.

Anyway, only things on their "hate" list are side panels(too small for #'s), gearing (too tall, for bonneville salt flats and autoban), weight ( needs to lose 5 kilos to fit in Prom dress, don't call them Husky for nothing), and powerband (slow-revving but some really liked that trait). They also weren't thrilled about the late release.

They loved the "cool factor", front brake (who wouldn't), hydralic clutch, and exhaust pipe (work of art)!

They are also still fans of 2-strokes, and applauded Husky for continuing to develop the CR125.

Overall this was GREAT press to an audience who generally considers them to be brutally honest and the authority on rating MX bikes. While I've never cared for Jody's arrogance, I've always liked their bike testing and honesty, and I was excited to see their favorable opinion

Now, when people look deeper they will find the deep rebates.....I think a few more Huskies will be popping up at the MX tracks.:lol:

That is good news and I am super pumped for the 2009 season. I can't wait to get out and put some initial seat time on the new ride. I will certainly post some ride reports on the bike compared to my '07 TC's. Thanks again to Hall's Cycles for all their support and hope to do them proud again in 2009.

Blake Young much as I like being the only Husky rider at the track, it'd be nice to see a couple more for the sake of growth and to get rid of that "exotic" it stands now, these bikes are a curiosity at MX track...the 250 and a team will help that too...

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