98 kx 250 wont start after being submerged in water

I fliped mi bike into muddy water, pumped the water out, draind the oil/fuel and replaced them both. The bike would then run for a sec. if i poured feul in the cylinder. i then checked the pilot and main jets for obstructions. Found none. any ideas would be helpful.

Does it have good compression?

yes. the compresion seams to be fine.

If you have a compression tester test the compression and that will give you a idea of the engines condition. I would also put some engine oil down the spark plug hole to lubricate the piston and cylinder.

Do you think you sucked muddy water through the carb? if you did I would disassemble the carb and clean everything and blow it out with compressed air. If it will start at all you have spark.If you have spark and compression fuel is the problem

I took apart the carb and cleaned everything i could get to. I have not used compressed air though. I will give that a shot. thanks.

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