Do I need a hot start for my TM33 carb

Hi all, I've got a 09 KLX 250, I have a Bill blue TM33 carb yet to be installed. what are peoples thoughts on the hot start?

Will I need one, is the bike harder to start with the pumper if its gets layed down after its been running for a while?

If I should get one, can anyone point me in the right direction, where to get them from, costs?


I have one on my FCR, but I've never used it. Even after a spill, a couple of kicks and it's good to go again. There have been times where I've kicked a lot, but that's because I was too lazy to follow the proper procedure.

Google hot starts and you'll see a couple of options. Some require drilling, others are carb mounted. I'd tend to save your cash until you see how the bike does and then buy one if you notice problems restarting.

Thanks for the reply, I'll see how it goes without it first.


There were some Yoshimura ones on ebay the other day for 50.00 It was one for a DRZ but it looks just like the ones FSW sells.


Like said previously it probably is not completely needed, but if you just open on the throttle or the engine gets flooded it will only just make your life easier. It just depends you would just need to be carefull when you fall. Good luck.

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