White powder on exhast valves?? jetting??

I took my header off the other day to polish it up, it was caked with dirt. While doing this I noticed the exhaust port and valves were porcelain white and powdery looking, is this a result of bad jetting??? What am i looking at here boys??

your bike is running way lean. white powdery stuff is the result of the engine running too hot do to the lack of fuel :lol:

are u running vp fuel

are u running vp fuel

Very good question. I run the VP U4.2 and its jetted perfectly and its all white to a very light gray at the exhaust tip. :lol:

probably the additives in the fuel you are using. pretty common on certain brands/flavors of fuel.

nothing to worry about.

yeah i run a mix of 112 VP and sunoco 93, thats probably why, thanks for the clarification


yeah, i guess it could be crystallized chemicals in the gas(aka:VP):lol:

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