Calling All 250 Riders!

I am just hoping for a quick answer to my question. When I say quick, I don't mean 2 words or something like that, it can be as long as you want.. more detail the better! When I say quick, I mean getting an answer fast.

Ok, my question:

How often should you re-ring your 250 2-stroke? (Hours)

Thank You!

Colton W.

You should decided when to re-ring your two-stroke after completion of these two steps:

First, consult the service manual for your bike.

Next conduct extensive research on this forum by using the search tool.

Then you will have the knowledge to make a decision.

Depends on the rider greatly. I've seen casual riders go several seasons on a top end. An agressive rider might have to do a couple top ends a year. I need roughly one top end a season myself, I'm in Ohio too, no winter riding for me.

I never re-ring a piston, especially on a 250. My pistons are pretty worn by the time the rings are also worn.

On my YZ125.. I put about 60 hours on it in 1 month.. I ride.... medium. :lol: Alot of the time I am putting around at about 3-4K RPM and sometimes I come down the stretch of yard holding her WOT for about 5-15 seconds at the MOST! Compared to the 125 do you have to ring it less? And what is considered a 'season' ? Like spring/fall/summer?

I use a hour meter to know exactly how much running time the engine has between top end jobs. Typically I'll do a top end after about 55-60 hours of running time. Usually at this point the motor still feels fine but for about $120 I can do a complete top end job. So for me it's cheap insurance against real engine damage. I run stock pistions they work fine for me. I'll never just re-ring my top end. If I am going to take the time to do that I figure may as well do the whole top end.

60 hours a month? I suggest getting an hour meter, that's a TON of riding. I really doubt you are running your engine 60 hours each month. Also, you've got one big yard if you can hold it WOT for 15 seconds in it.

Like others said, how you ride and how much you ride will determin how often you need to rebuild the top end. I'd say 60 hours on a 125 is too much, even if ridden easily. For a 250, that would be about the limit, I think.

I ride my 250 on technical single track, so even when riding "fast" you are hardly on it at all compared to doing motocross, or something really harsh, like dune riding. I do a top end every 50 hours or run time, going off my hour meter. For me that's ~ 6 months of riding. I know some guys that could probably go 5 years before getting 50 hours on a bike.

Yea, I have a huge yard, them my naighbor has 12ish acres attached to my property and they let me ride on that, and along the tree line, its a long straight-away.

During the summer, I ride EVERYDAY. I love it too much not skip a day! I ride most the time from about (starting) 8-12 to (ending) 8-10. Sometimes I may get about just 4 or so hours in. Within those hours, take out about 1 1/2 hour for time I take a break..

But I also have a job during the summer, so about '$120' is managable. I won't mind paying that much!

I was wanting to get a 250 4T (CRFR) and people said putting 120 hours on a top end was pushing it.. that includes vavles, piston, rings, seats, ect.. and thats EXPENSIVE! 2-strokes make better power, more fun to ride, deliever more/better adrenaline rush, easier to work on, cheaper to maintain, sound better, unique, and not everyone has one, nor knows how to ride one!

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