dunlop 606 on crf230L

I have a 2008 crf 230L and I am thinking of changing tires to Dunlop 606< any thoughts would be appreciated.

I think you will have trouble finding the right sizes. I tried to put that tire on my wife's 230F and the shop told me they couldn't get a rear to fit. I've got that tire front and back on my xr650L and they are great. Very nice compromise.


With the 120/90 rear, I was rubbing the mudflap. I put a 12 tooth on the front rather than add chain links, and ran that for a while.

1k miles later, I've put the 13 tooth back, and the tire was worn down enough to fit.

When I do this again, if I go with the 606s, I'll increase chain length rather than swap sprockets.

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