Whats my 250 worth?

2006 CRF 250 R Middle of last summer it recevied a new hot rod crank, jug, piston, valves, valve springs, in other words new top and bottom end. Motor is in pretty good shape. good tires, Hinson clutch basket, dp clutch kit, o ring chain, all installed last fall few rides on it. bought as carry over december 2006, decent graphics. I was excellent on the oil changes and air filter cleaning. well taken care of.

4000-4500 maybe more depends on how long u wanna wait to sell it or where your at.

I don't think you're going to see more than $3500 which is probably going to be on the high side. It's really a shame, but a leftover 08 is going for right around $5000. I have an 06 that I'm selling right now with pretty much the same stuff that you have in this bike + a bunch of cool looking anodized parts and a few more items. I'm asking $3500 for it and I've had 1 bite and an offer of $3100 for it. I'm sitting on it until the weather changes and they start selling again. You certainly don't want to give it away, but you might have to wait a while to sell it! One 06 in this area just sold for $2600 and it was pretty nice.

About $$2800-maybe

2800-3200 is where the market is around here "IF" you can get lucky enough to find a buyer with these hard times we are in:banghead:

I sold one with extra parts on the side for $3250 about 4 months ago, good luck getting that these days.

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