chainslider for 86 XR600

just got myself an XR600

pretty banged up 86 red skin

needs lots of tlc to recover from the last owners mechanical skills

one thing that seems to go bad with time and time alone is the chain slider on the swingarm

where will I find one that does NOT cost a fortune?

need one for an XL600 as well

thanks for any input

I expect you would phone a Honda dealer or somesuch and order one. The not so well off and DIYers would possibly find a manufacturer that sells UHMWPE and make one to suit..Google the letters and find a firm that sells it in the States or preferably locally so you can get it cut to the appropriate size. Finishing will be needed by the owner.

I too ran into this problem with my 88. The only one I could find to replace it was the OEM unit that cost $50 from a place like Honda Parts Direct, but would probably cost upwards of $90 from my local dealer. Anyways I decided to buy the chain slider for the 91-00 XR600 made by MSR as it was only $25 and all I had to do was drill and tap 2 new holes in the swingarm to attach it, otherwise it fit like it was meant to.

I didn't like adding 2 new holes to the swingarm but I figured if the design margin was that close on that part I was in bigger trouble than that with a guy my size. :lol: Besides if it does break it gives me a better excuse to buy a newer swingarm and upgrade to a rear disk.

Bottom line is, it worked great and if you want a pic I and try to get one tomorrow.

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