XR200r fine tuning help needed.

I have a 94 xr200r hybrid and I'm almost 100% complete. Just waiting for the front and rear fender to come in. I hope to be riding it on Friday. My qustion is on jetting. It has been bored .040 over and has a new wiesco piston. I'm running a 2 stroke KX250 silencer. When I back off the gas, it shoots small flames out the silencer. I took the carb off to see what jets were in there. They are 35 slow jet and 98 main. I was suprised they were so small. I blew out the jets and then tried to use a welding tip cleaner ( wire) to run through the slow jet. I could see a little light through the jet but not much. I couldn't get the wire to go through the jet. It seemed like there was a "filter" or something in it that was very hard. I tried to work a small drill through it to pull out what might be in there but couldn't get that through either. I could still blow air through it both ways. It just doesn't seem right. I ride at elevations from 350' to 1000' in NC and VA. I was planning on going to a 38 and a 112. Any suggestions? Also, with the 2 stroke silencer am I hurting the engine without the back pressue of a 4 stroke muffler?

Flames out the pipe with throttle closed indicate a RICH mixture, not lean. 'nutcase

There is no filter in the pilot.

I learned about carb cleaning the hard way and the following process almost always gets the carb clean on the first try, all of the other methods just add frustration to my life. Whenever a bike sits for a long time with fuel in the carb bad things happen. I suggest disassembly of the carb again and cleaning everything with an automotive carb cleaner. All cabr passages and jet openings should be sighted against a light to verify they are open, and blown with air. For those passages that can't be sighted use air to verify they are clear air should come out of the other end of the passage.

I also learned the hard way to drain the carb after each ride, there is a slotted screw on the right side at the bottom of the float bowl that drains the bowl).

Honda changed the jets thru the years to suit different air intake and exhaust systems so I can't comment on the jets other than to say I think the main is a bit small. The pilot jet usually doesn't need changing unless the mixture screw position is a lot different than speced in the manual.

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