A lot of gas!!!

In the 30's here and I tried starting my 01YZ250F (03 cam) and found that I needed to twist the throttle quite a bit to get it to fire. I was always told to not touch the throttle or only once or twice. Today it was more like twice after every two kicks. Once the bike started, it didnt want to idle. Is it simply too cold, or is there an accelerator pump issue?

The coloder it is the more fuel it needs, temperature in the 30 I will wick the throttle 6 to 8 times and hold the throttle open just a tiny bit just to raise the idle a little, once it starts and is running fine maybe 15 seconds i will let go of the throttle

I was wondering, I had to do the same thing. Now if I can get her to idle I will be all set!

try going up on your pilot jet. My son has been practicing at a track here in Washington state and it has been in the high 20's low 30's and I had to go up on the pilot from a 42 to a 48 and now it starts fine and idles great too. you may need to adjust the fuel screw after doing this to fine tune it as well. I also went to a 82 main jet and put the needle on the forth clip from the top and it runs great now. Just my .02 By the way his bike is an 08 YZ250F. :lol:

Don't for get to document what jets are in there. You will need to put them back when it warms up.

I'll get that a try and see what I get.

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