04 650 R 90 miles $3250

I'm going to look at this bike on sunday. I guess it has just sat. It's his 70 y/o father's who had trouble kick starting it so it didn't really get used.

sound's like a good deal, it's entirely stock so I'd have to go through all the motion's to get the thing uncorked and jetted and all that PITA good stuff but other than that I'm liking the sound's of it.

What do you think?

I'd try to go sooner.

Props to the 70 yr old dude for trying!:lol:

If its low in hours and good condition, go get it now!

Check the frame member above the pegs for wear marks on the aluminium and also the clutch cover. If it has seen minimal use as the seller syas these should look like new. I bough my 2003 from a guy that had used only a couple times and these areas all looked like new. After i used it for a couple months you could see rub marks on the frame members and bronze color fade on the clutch cover.


I THINK ITS A RIPP OFF, for the 70years old man. Dude if you don't I'm there!!!!

bet its already gone,Street legal?

no plate

The clock is ticking tick tock tick tock tick tock tick..........

OK, so I went to check it out and was turned off to a few different things. The good was it doesn't have any boot wear on the frame or motor at all and the odo says 91.

The bad was that, on the phone he didn't say anything negative about it at all. Just a simply very low use stock bike, and 90 minutes later I get there and it runs like shit. Forget about idleing. To keep it running just sitting you have to be on the throttle pretty good. It wouldn't run or lug at low enough RPM to turn around on a standard width road in 1st gear. Response was entirely off and on. When you got to the RPM's where it would go you would spin the tire with zero response below that. Starting off, same, it wouldn't go without a handfull of gas and tire spin. Then it was backfiring alot and just sounded very rough. So I figure it's a few years old with no use so the carb is prob pretty cloged but why not say that on the phone? Then it says on the frame, BIG sticker, "03 model year" which is a year older than he said... and lastly I've only had 2 stroke MX bikes so I dont know if these are perhaps clear signs of valve issues or lifters or cdi or another 4 stoke issue that Im clueless about. They can't run this shitty from just being corked up right? I woulda' been alot less wierded out if he just said it need's a carb cleaning on the phone and it's not running too good from sitting around but he didn't say anything close to that and the thing sounded BAD so IDK.

How durable are the graphics? Because these were bubled up on one side and a couple scratches in em.

Oh and another wierd thing was downshifting from 2nd to 1st would skid the back tire when I was going not that fast, like high teen MPH.

Bring a compression tester and check the compression. A compression test will let you know if compression is off-if so, this is an indicator that valve seals, head gasket, piston rings could need servicing. The test requires at most a half hour to hook it up, get the reading, etc.

The poor idling/throttle could be a result of low hours/break in, gummed carb, or poor jetting from the owner.

I'd think that the bike skidding when downshifting is normal. If you're a 2 smoke rider, you might not notice this so much as I believe your engine compression is much lower than a 4 stroke. Can anyone else validate this?


Oh and another wierd thing was downshifting from 2nd to 1st would skid the back tire when I was going not that fast, like high teen MPH.

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