1st time changing a tire...hard? easy?

hi all. I bought front and rear tires for my crf250r. First time attempting to change a tire. Is it the same principle as I do on my mountain bikes? Or should I pay someone 20 bucks to do it? I feel like I am commited to the sport for the next 40 years of my life, so I need to be able to do my own maintenance. Any tips, any suggestions? Kindly,


Its hard your first time but definatly do it. follow the advice on transworlds video how to (best how to vid there is)

It's a challenge! I recall the first time I changed one and how I had wished I had spent the $ to have it done... but I've done a bunch of them over the years and I've gotten good at it... so I'm happy to save the $ now... my two bits of advice... use some soapy water (lots of soap!) and long tire spoons... short spoons suck and a dry tire is really hard to deal with. When you replace the tube, put just a little air in it and it will hold its place in the tire... Good luck!

go on "youtube"has alot of great vids.

what is this transworld video?? Thanks

It is the same principle as your mountain bike.....just alot tougher. Use the proper tools and the job gets easier. Start with the front tire....the larger tire will be easier. Then when you've got your confidence up go for the rear. No doubt its a good skill to have, everyone should be able to change a tire. The more you do the easier it gets, everytime you pick up a little bit of knowledge that you can use the next time. Have fun....let us know how it turns out.

Do a search and you can find lots of video on how to change a tire. Don't be disheartened by the video.....they make it look way too easy. Reality is much tougher

Yep - the vid helps a bunch. Good spoons, a little air in the tube and a little technique will get it done. Watch pinching the tube with a spoon/iron as you work the new tire on. Just watch the vid first and perhaps have another person around to help hold the 3rd spoon until you get it dialed in.


I prefer windex over soap.. it's almost as slippery and the good thing about it is that it evaporates, unlike soap, which will help prevent the tire from spinning on your rim. The last thing you want to have happen after going through all that work is to spin the tire and rip the valve stem off.

Definitely give it a try yourself, though. With 3 good tire irons you should do okay- you'll get the hang of it after a few and won't even think of paying someone to do it.

i use wd-40. i just put on 2 new michelin rear tires on today and it took me about 20 minutes for the pair. just watch the tube.

I did my first tire last July, and boy, it was a challenge.

Took forever to get the SOBs of the rim, and took even longer to get the new tires on.

I used that TWMX vid to guide me and it was still hard but a good learning experience.

I used some specail tire mounting soap and I didnt use enough of it so it took 50psi to get the bead to seat, and when it did, boy it was loud!

putting tires on with inner tubes is a bitch simply because if u pinch the tube u are F'ed! its a pain in the ass if the tire is very stiff and you cant get it seated right, then line up the locks and ur set, i would say give it a shot, if u pop a tube go buy another hey arent much, and is well worth learning how to do

hot ass days and soap(can never use too much it will jsut simply dry up) help a tonn, but go for it!

A bunch of good advice. Also be careful of the sprocket when doing the rear tire, if you slip with the spoon a sprocket will do hateful things to flesh. Learned that the hard way about 20 years ago.

I agree with the guy who said to use Windex. Works just as good in my opinion and dries fast. You'll have to spray it numerous times as you go cause it evaporates so fast.

Yeah ^^ - work from the rotor side, it'll save the knuckles... :lol:

if you have colored rims and your changing the tire it will take 2x as long b\c your worried about not scratching them. I yet havnt found a trick to not scratching colored rims. i might go buy those motion pro rim protectors, or i might dry dipping the ends of my irons in that metal tool handle grip.

The first one I did took me about 3 hours. Now I can do it in about 10 minutes. Once you get used to using the proper technique it gets much easier. If it is difficult you are doing something wrong.

I've been putting the new tires in my truck with the windows rolled up in the sun. By the time I've got the old tires off, the new ones are getting hot and depending on the compound, a lot softer. They stretch, and pinch into the rim at the start a lot better. Sometimes every little bit helps.

Do your self a favor and get a Heat Gun! Favorite tool for mounting a tire besides a tire iron.

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